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Fibermaq exhibits cutting-edge technology at Feiplar Notícias

Brazilian leader in equipment for composites molding, Fibermaq will participate in the International Exhibition and Conference on Composites, Polyurethane and Engineering Plastics (Feiplar Composites & Feipur) – held from November 8 to 10, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP).

Among the different attractions prepared for the event, Fibermaq will exhibit the new impingement spray nozzle of material present in the family of spray-up machines Evolution. According to Christian de Andrade, director of Fibermaq, the new product significantly reduces the emission of volatile components in the atmosphere and, for operating with lower pressures compared to traditional nozzles, it also reduces raw material waste.

“It is the first machine manufactured in Brazil with this type of nozzle, a component internationally known as impingement,” he said.

Another improvement of the Evolution family was the installation of a pneumatic actuator with guided shafts at both ends, also known as through rod, which ensures greater precision and stability to the material dosage. “In addition to smoothing the movements, it keeps the pressure equalized in the resin or gelcoat pump.”

The visitors of Feiplar will also have the opportunity to check out other improvements in the Evolution series, such as a new and more ergonomic pistol model – the lightest available in the market, weighting only 760g (gelcoat machine) and 890g (spray-up machine without engine) – protective case, flow meter, stainless steel peroxide pump, braided hoses resistant against high pressure and pneumatic components produced by Metal Work, an Italian company that is a global reference in its segment.

“Except for the protective case and the flow meter, these improvements were also made in the Nova Inter series. As for the One family, which consists of portable devices, and intended for applications that require lower productivity, it features a pressure tank for the peroxide, instead of the stainless steel pump, but it also includes the pneumatic components of Metal Work,” said Andrade. In addition to the spray-up machines, the Evolution and Nova Inter series feature gelcoat and RTM injection machines.

Autometrix Distributor

During the event, Fibermaq will announce the beginning of a partnership with the US company Autometrix, a company specializing in automatic systems for cutting reinforcement fabrics used in composite parts. “Fibermaq will operate as Autometrix equipment distributor in Brazil. There are potential customers for its solutions primarily in the transportation, including aircraft and helicopters, wind power, prostheses and sporting goods sectors.”

By Composites Today